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California Notaries are prohibited from performing any duties which may be construed as the unlawful practice of law. Which includes preparation, drafting or selecting of any legal documents or giving advice with relation to any legal documents or matters.  If a notary is asked to perform such tasks, the notary must advise the client that we notarize signatures on documents and that they should consult with an attorney.




​​​ SignEase Mobile Notary Services implies simple, effortless signing, meaning the spirit of our intentions lies solely in the easing and mitigation of the inconvenience associated with having documents notarized at an inconvenient location. We come to you, meaning simplification of scheduling, avoiding unwanted traffic conditions, and eliminating travel dangers.

We put you first, making your responsibility only that of signing documents subject to your meeting the requirements of legal acknowledgement (see the "FAQs" page for required items).

Knowledge Base:

Nicki holds a California Notary Public Commission, combined with an additional Certification as a Certified Loan Signing Agent. Her background consists of extensive business experience, including employment of 9 years in administrative capacities for a Commercial Real Estate Broker, and 15 years training and managing customer service teams for manufacturing companies.

Difference Makers:

1) Location-​ Our location offers our clientele a ,"Centralized" location, allowing easy 55 minute travel times to northern areas near the junction of the 57 freeway and the 10 freeway, western travel to the Long Beach area, easterly travel to the Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga areas and southerly areas as far as Rancho Santa Fe, Vista, and even possibly Oceanside.

​2) Computerization-We sport the latest technology in Computerization, High Speed Wireless Printing, Legal, Letter and Colorized paper, Smart Phone Technology and much more.

​3) Availability​- Our work week structure provides greater availability of hours to clientele, putting a focus on getting your work done, creating new time for our clientele to position timing for last minute closes, closing special, and aiding end of the month last minute closing

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